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Anti-Valentine's Day Video

Anti-Valentine’s Day Video

I’m single and I’ve never been more focused on my web design projects. πŸ˜›

Here’s a video for everyone who didn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Personally, I painted the town red with heart-shaped stickers. πŸ™‚

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Happy Singles Awareness Day

I bought myself a box of chocolates this year. πŸ™‚

I don’t understand why people are so down on Valentine’s Day (although it does come with some great jokes). It’s the corniest holiday of the year; buy some heart shaped sticker and head out into the world toΒ annoy people make some new friends.

Blackout Wednesday

Happy Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday or “Drinksgiving” is the night before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which is always a Thursday. It is associated with binge drinking since very few people have work on Thanksgiving, and most university students are home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their families.[1] The name refers to “blacking out”, memory loss due to excessive alcohol intoxication. In the suburbs of Chicago in particular, Blackout Wednesday is sometimes a more popular partying night than even New Year’s Eve or Saint Patrick’s Day.[1] Reportedly the term was coined by college students at a famous west suburban Winfield bar, John’s Buffett, in the mid-1970s.

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Lazy Resolution

CouchMy New Year’s resolution is to be lazy everyday.

It’s win win; if I get something done in a day than I’ve accomplished that, but if I don’t do anything for a day than I’ve accomplished my goal. So either way I accomplish something every day.