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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

We’ll Miss You Jon Stewart 😞

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

There is nothing I’ve spent more time watching on TV than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Over the last decade and a half The Daily Show has made it possible to watch news without putting a noose around my neck. I know the show isn’t going anywhere, but it’s going to be hard to adjust after basically growing up watching Jon Stewart host the show. Plus I’m sure it’s going to be hard for Trevor Noah to follow Jon Stewart considering Jon’s experience and involvement in every part of the show, which I’ve learned a lot more about by listening to their relatively new podcast The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart.

One great thing is that Comedy Central has been doing a proper send off with a best of show and today’s marathon of episodes. I was proud that out of everything I’ve seen recently I’ve only come across one episode that I don’t remember watching. 🙂 They also did a great job with the final episode by bringing everyone back and even showing the people behind the scenes. Plus it was great when Stephen Colbert cornered Jon (who doesn’t handle emotional moments very well) and thanked him on behalf of everyone for everything he has done for them at The Daily Show. Jon also got his own “moment of zen” featuring his favorite musician Bruce Springsteen. I can’t imagine a better final show; we’ll miss you Jon Stewart! 🙁

P.S. I have to thank Chris Hardwick and @Midnight for following the final episode and showing some respect, just like they did when the Colbert Report ended.